Custom & Bespoke Sofa Beds

MySofaBeds is home to one of the largest collections of sofa beds in the UK. Despite this, we know that it isn't always to find the perfect sofa bed that ticks all the boxes.

That’s why we offer a complete bespoke sofa bed service, which enables you to create your ideal sofa bed, just the way you want it. Yes, it really is that easy:

  1. Choose a sofa bed, or tell us your style requirements
  2. Tell us your size specifications/adjustments (removable arms, feet style etc.)
  3. Choose from our wide range of fabrics, or supply your own
  4. We’ll build and deliver your customised sofa bed!

Made-to-Order Bespoke Sofa Beds

At MySofaBeds, we pride ourselves in our ability to adhere to your specific requirements to ultimately create something unique that’s just for you.

We understand that there’s so much more to furniture than practicality; a sofa is a reflection of style and personality.

Replacement Sofa Bed Mattresses

We are able to manufacture all of our replacement sofa bed mattresses in any size. Even if you have a sofa bed from another retailer, we can provide you with a replacement mattress that fits.

For more information about any of our bespoke services, or to get a quote, please contact us or give us a call at 01234 834693

Any Size

All of our sofa beds can be customised to match your requirements, including alterations to the width, depth or height. This makes it easier for you to fit your sofa bed in those odd angles and nooks.

Please note, sofa bed dimensions cannot be smaller than the mechanical beds themselves (2 or 3 fold mechanism), which are available in 3 widths:

  • 80cm (chair bed)
  • 120cm (2 seater sofa bed)
  • 150cm (3 seater sofa bed)

Design Your Own Sofa Bed

Any Fabric

Over the years we’ve developed good relationships with some of the biggest fabric suppliers in the UK. This means we offer a huge collection of over 150 fabrics to our customers choose from, which includes leathers, velvets and more.

If you still can’t find the perfect shade/pattern to suit your décor, simply supply your own fabric.

[Request your free fabric swatches here]

Huge Fabric Range

Cushion & Back Styles

Stipulate the height of the back of your sofa bed, and choose between fixed or loose cushions. 

Loose Cushion Back

Access Considerations

Our sofa beds can be made with a variety of dismantling options to make it easier to deliver and install your sofa.

Bolt on arms are particularly helpful when manoeuvring the piece of furniture through tight spaces. Arms can be attached once the sofa bed is in the desired room.

Removable arms

Finishing Touches

Each of our sofa beds is made-to-order here in the UK. Because of this, we’re able to add a number of hand-made finishes to your sofa bed, including:

  • Studs & Buttons
  • Stitching
  • Piping

It's these finishing touches which add a little extra luxury to our products, so be sure to ask about detailing when you customise your order. 

Stud -and -button -sofa

Arm & Feet Styles

With the ability to transform the overall end look of your sofa bed, arms and feet are an important part of your bespoke sofa bed process. Choose from a range of arm styles including scrolled, splayed, ruffled etc.

Choose from a variety of feet styles and finishes, including natural wood and chrome.

Arm & Feet

Optional Extras

We provide a number of optional extras to your order, including additional scatter cushions (in a variety of sizes) and protective arm covers. 

Scatter -Cushions -Any -Size

Expert Advice

Our expert team can advise you on the right mattress for your sofa bed, based on its size, support (slats or mesh) and fold mechanism (2-fold or 3-fold).

Replacement -sofa -bed -mattress