Candler Park Town Home - Gabriela Eisenhart

Gabriela Eisenhart's interiors are anything but conventional. Her concepts marries traditional elements with unexpected bold and modern design. Gabriela 1

Gabriela invests her time in creating custom interiors and collecting fine musing for projects. As a fashion enthusiast, she believes that creating the perfect space is like constructing the perfect wardrobe. She juxtaposes colour, pattern and texture to create balance and function without losing visual aesthetics.

Candler Park Town home was designed by Interior Designer Gabriela Eisenhart. The Townhome is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The home was designed to have an overall feel of timelessness without lacking a little element of surprise. Modern elegant with natural elements that infuse the rooms with warmth, life, and visual interest. 

Briefly, could you tell us a bit about yourself as an interior designer?

I pride myself on creating stimulating, unique, and functional environments with a bit of irreverence and whimsy. I gravitate toward touches of edgy and unconventional but tie it all together into a functional environment without sacrificing style and livability. It is always my intent to make peoples environments a reflection of who they are. Creative spaces of possibility that make you feel better about yourself. I feel the space around you effects how you function. When someone is in a room I designed I want them to remember how they felt in that space not just what shiny object I put on the wall.

How did you initially determine the style for your Candler Park Town House project?

I had to work with a lot of vintage family heirlooms in this home but I didn't want these beautiful yet traditional pieces to weigh down the space. To balance everything I infused a lot of modern elements and gave a new life to vintage pieces. I would describe this town house as modern elegant flair with a splash of vintage traditional elements.

What do you think is the single best renovation you can do to a home?

Lighting! Lighting is so important, it's a mood changer.

Are there any interior designers you like to draw inspiration from?

As a designer I prefer to draw my inspiration from different aspects of life. That may sound cliché, but I am always finding inspiration from all types of art. From visual to fashion to music. The environment around me also plays a big part in my inspiration. But as for other designers, Kelly Wearstler always keeps me on my toes. Her work repeatedly takes my breath away. 

What is the first thing you do when tackling a new project?

Concept! I know if I have a well-developed concept that the rest will fall into place.