Convertible Sofa by Julia Kononenko

Julia KononenkoUkrainian designer Julia Kononenko believes that design for the home should include both functionality and beauty.

And we think her Convertible Sofa design has incorporated both of these elements seamlessly.

An ordinary sofa at first glance, this design built on Kononenko's previous experiences as a student holds more than meets the eye. A quick re-assemble and the sofa easily transforms into a dining table with padded seating for six!

Pretty nifty, eh?

We caught up with Julia Kononenko and asked her more about this design and about her job in general...

Where did the idea for the Convertible Sofa come from? What inspired you?

I was inspired by memories of our own small student lounge, where I was living with two roommates. Often, to visit us, we invited friends, fellow students and neighbours. However, there was a big problem with space and furniture, and we would end up making our own makeshift dining table with pushed-together work desks.

Have you always wanted to work in design? If so, why?

Yes, when I was a teenager I realised that I wanted to be a designer. I think of it as a way to not only bring style and joy to people's lives, but also as a way to improve simple day-to-day living.

Do you have any rules when designing?

Yes, there are rules in design - I think it should be innovations in functionality or in the form of the object. In my work, I'm trying to do something more than just creating a beautiful 'thing'. 

What would be your dream project?

To make my own "juicer" (as in Philippe Starck); I want to create a design that people fall in love with, and as a result becomes popular in the market - that would bring me true joy!

What one piece of advice would you give to an inspiring designer?

Do things. Do not be afraid to make a mistake and keep moving all the time. Spread on one hundred percent without sparing capabilities...