Hollowed Out Chair by Straight Line Designs

Judson Beaumount SLDJudson (Jud) Beaumont is always searching for new ways of looking at furniture. For the past 26 years, he has designed many whimsical and animated-looking pieces. 

Jud founded Straight Line Designs in 1985 and has always striven to push the limits and try things differently.

However, one of the things Jud hasn't created much of is chairs. When looking at the club chair, he thought: what if an arm chair didn't need all of that extra bulk? This led to the design of the hollow chair. 

Jud believes that if you can draw it, you can build it. To build this piece efficently, the Hollow Chair became his first design that relies on computer programming. "We redrew the original sketch," says Kyle Huinink, the programmer, "and then used mass-manufacturing techniques to bring automation into our line of custom furniture." According to Jud. "Even though we are known for creating one-of-a-kind pieces, we could never have made the Chair without this technology."

The Hollow Chair takes the classic club chair shape and gives you the potential to make it your own. You may see this and more of Judson's designs here.

We quickly interviewed Jud about his life as a designer:

What's the story behind Straight Line Design?

When I started, I needed to incorporate my company and get a name really fast. At the time, I was making 'straight' furniture, meaning they were geometrical shapes, so it made sense to name the company Straight Line Designs.

I kept doing that for 5 years, making geometric furniture. After, I started doing other things but kept the name.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

In art school, I was taught to look at things differently. I can draw inspiration from anything, architecture for example. The way a building looks could be interesting, or even how a pile of wood is stacked. I believe it's about the way you look at things in life.

What, in your opinion, makes a great design?

In my opinion, something that makes you smile, and also, the complexity of the design. That is fits the environment. That it's timeless. People look at stuff we design and people don't know how old it is.

I like that, when you look at our work, you can take something made from the past, put it beside a piece made this year and they will look current with each other.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I enjoy the variety. I like the people, the staff; that we can come together as a group and make interesting pieces and ship them all over the world. I like it when I get to travel. I enjoy meeting new clients and collaborating with people.

You make it what it is, through hard work - you see how far you can push it.

What do you enjoy the least about your job?

Like in any business, the taxes!

Not a lot, I don't know. Nothing really, we're pretty fortunate to get to do what we do.

What do you think about the Hollowed Out Chair? What would you use it for? Comment below to join the discussion.