Illuminating Coffee Table by Suck UK

For those of you who haven't heard of Suck UK before (where have you been?!), they are a unique company that consistently design and create an array of unusual and unbelievably cool products.

Jude Biddulph Suck UK

When we first saw the Illuminating Coffee Table, we immediately wanted one. Made from stainless steel and toughened glass, with an independently controlled illuminating table top, this is a coffee table with a difference!

You can even select your own colours with interchangeable filters, or choose your own graphics (the Union Jack is just an example - the possibilities are endless!).

We were lucky enough to talk to one of the directors of the project, Jude Biddulph, who gave us a bit of an insight into the design process at Suck UK:

Can you tell us the story behind the illuminating coffee table? Where did the inspiration for this design come from?

We wanted to make an indestructible table, something you could jump and dance around on. Back in the day I think we got the initial idea from a pub where people would dance on the bar. We just thought wouldn’t it be cool if it lit up and you could have it in your own home!

Do you have one of these in your own home? Do you like to use your designs in your own home?

Yeah, you have to love what you make. And that means you want to have them in your own home. I used to have one in my home, but I’ve moved a couple of times and it's somehow found its way into a mates house during that time!

Suck UK is home to some pretty unique and quirky designs, but what, in your opinion, makes a great design?

It’s pretty simple, something that you can use every day without any problems. Great design is something that just seems so obvious, it’s like thinking why haven’t we done that before. What it takes to reach that point though is a lot research, testing and refining the design. Things like that don’t come easily. To be able to pick something up and know instantly what it does and how to use it, the intuitiveness of the product, that’s what makes great design.

What do you do when you lack inspiration, to get your creative juices flowing again?

There’s inspiration to be found everywhere, you just need to take a break from your usual routine. Get out there and see things, observe problems as they happen. It’s easy once you’ve seen some great work or designs to get excited about what you’re doing again.

What's going to be 'the next big thing' in furniture design?

Who knows! At Suck UK we try not to follow trends, this can limit your designs from becoming timeless. There has been a big ‘Etsy’ revolution recently, small companies or individuals making things out of anything they can find. It’s really interesting to see these unique products come out, owning one makes you feel special because it’s normally the only one of its kind. Sort of ‘handmade’ really appeals right now, the craftsmanship it takes to make things is being laid bare. People just want to know where their stuff comes from, and as long as it’s from a good place they are happy!