Kiran Singh: Interior Designer

Kiran Singh is an award-winning Interior Designer and Interior & Property Stylist from Norway, now based in London - specialising in inspirational, colourful high-end residential and hospitality interiors.

Kiran Singh HeadshotShe has worked for design consultancies in Norway, UK and India with many diverse commissions ranging from the simplest of designs on a limited budget to grand establishments with an open purse.

She's also the founder and editor-in-chief of My Unique Home - an online design magazine. 

What inspires and motivates you on a daily basis? Do you ever struggle to create new and fresh designs?

I set myself one big goal every month and make a mind map and a checklist to help me stay organised and on top of things. I just treated myself to a new journal called Day Designer where I write and tick off my to-do list. Before, I would just use a scrap piece of paper and chuck it in the bin - but with this new journal I get to record every activity; believe me when I say that I get motivated by seeing how much I manage to tick off my to-do list every day.

I don't particularly struggle to create new designs because I am surrounded by pretty things and a gorgeous view (I'm next to a canal and witness house boats sail past all the time). I also have quite a big library and a collection of 2000+ images on my phone, table and net book. So whenever I need some inspiration, I get myself a cup of tea and browse through my books and images to find ideas. 

Which room is your favourite to work with and why?

I love to work on an open plan solution, creating different zones with different looks whilst still working on the space as a 'whole' that flows throughout.

Which interior trends do you think are going to be big in 2015?

Patones colour of the year is Marsala; a lovely colour, but not a colour I am too fond of. I don't necessarily follow trends as they change all the time. However, I do keep an eye out for new trends just in case ;)

Complete this sentence: No room is complete without...

...colour! I love colourful interiors blended with different cultures. I find these very inspiring. Being born and brought up in Norway, with Indian origin - my signature style is Fusion Design - a mix of East and West. I believe in my saying: 'Colour adds life to living' which is so true! 

What are your aims and plans for 2015? 

I have got a few actually. I am launching my book; Discover the Designer in YOU! at the Southern Home Show at the end of this month (pre-order it here). I will also be launching a weekly interior design video series in March, as well as re-launching my Design Club.


The images on the left feature one of Kiran's projects; Aurelia and Raj, a married couple in their mid 30s wanted a Scandinavian minimalstic look in their newly built 2 story detacthed property.

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