Saloon Sofa by Abigail Ahern

Abigail AhernThis Saloon Sofa by designer Abigail Ahern certainly grabs your attention! The mix of traditional and contemporary has produced an interesting piece which we think would look great in any home. 

In fact, Abigail might be our latest interior designer crush, with her own home decorated inspired by Alice in Wonderland:

"I like to play with scale, to insert things in a space which they are clearly too big for. It is the fact that most of the objects and textiles in the house shouldn't theoretically be placed together that makes in work." - Abigail Ahern (talking to Independent)

And with a new home collection in Debenhams, Ahern is becoming a recognized name here in the UK. We asked Ahern if she wouldn't mind giving us five minutes of her time, and she graciously accepted!

What's your favourite room at home and why?

My Studio. It's where I spend my most time and am most creative. It's a library, a workspace and also a place to hang out by the fire with an evening drink before going downstairs for supper.

Are there any other interior designers you draw inspiration from?

Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler, both American designers. They have a very distinctive voice which I find refreshing.

What project has been your favourite to design and why? 

My own house! Being my own client there aren't all of the usual restrictions!

What, in your opinion, is the most versatile type of sofa?

I have had my George Smith traditional sofa for 13 years! It's so personal it depends on the space, but sectionals don't work for me as well as the traditional clubby style - plus they work with any period!

What is the single best piece of interior design advice you can give?

Follow your heart and only buy what you love!

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The Saloon Sofa and other projects by Ahern can be purchased here.