Windermere Family Home by Toni Sabatino


Aviary Photo130714582254500273Toni Sabatino’s style is a mix of high and low design elements with distinctive and truly jaw-dropping details that won’t deflect away from the original grace and period of a home’s unique style and architecture. As a native New Yorker, inspiration is just outside her doorstep. 

Could you give us a brief history of you as an interior designer?

I have always loved art and colour and space planning. As a child, I would sit with graph paper and create dream castles. Being close to New York City all of my life has allowed me to see the finest in art and furnishings and I gather much inspiration from fashion window displays on the street. As a young mother, I spent many years doing kitchen, bath and millwork design, along with all the lifestyle analysis and spatial planning required to make those projects really special. In 2012, I opened my own full service firm. My services range from simple consultations to project management of entire homes, right to the move in with your toothbrush stage!


What space is the hardest to design?

I think that rooms with corner doors and entries are the trickiest to make work.


How would you describe the Windermere Family Home project?

The project was a fun one because the needs of young children and vibrant family life were incorporated into the planning. The built ins house has ample space for trucks and Legos and all sorts of toys. The open floor plan allows for playing children and the large television to be in sight from the kitchen. The front sunken "parlour" acts as a formal entry foyer with seating. This seemed a great use of space to us and creates the beginning of the open flow.


With the Windermere Family Home, project, how much design freedom was given to you?

I was given an existing foot print to modify and enlarge. I had complete creative freedom for space planning but the owners did have veto power and much input into the overall colour scheme. The soft greys mixed with the white walls were the statement that they wanted to make.


What is the most common mistake people in interior design make?

I don't really know. I think the most important things are to listen to the needs of the client and interpret how the space is supposed to function. I think managing client expectations is key. I think the most common mistake might be a lack of good communication. It seems that poor communication leads to mistakes or misunderstandings.


What does the word luxury mean to you?

Ah, LUXURY! A luxury lifestyle is a life of beauty and convenience! Luxury should "feel" good. It should make you feel pampered and special.